Fort Collins City Council Work Session 8/25/20

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City Council discussed the Housing Strategic Plan, election code changes, and the Parks & Recreation Master Plan.


Call Meeting to Order 00:00:12

Meeting Format 00:00:21

Roll Call 00:01:15

All Council are present.

Agenda Review 00:01:38

No changes to the agenda.

Topic: Housing Strategic Plan 00:02:02

Housing Strategic Plan Update. The purpose of this Work Session is to: 1. Briefly summarize Fort Collins’ housing commitments and actions to date as well as the challenges that remain; 2. Summarize the community feedback to date on the need for housing affordability, with an emphasis on the work achieved by Home2Health over the past year; 3. Share the scope and work to date on the Housing Strategic Plan, including the draft vision for the plan; 4. The initial scope of the Ad Hoc Committee; and 5. Share next steps.

Topic: Election Code Changes 01:10:49

Election Code Changes. The purpose of this item is to discuss proposed amendments to the City’s election campaign Code provisions.

Topic: Parks & Recreation Master Plan 01:52:59

Parks & Recreation Master Plan. The purpose of this item is to seek feedback on specific draft sections of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, including policy recommendations, classifications for parks and recreational facilities, and levels of service. An overview of the Master Plan process and findings to date will be presented by Andrew Dobshinsky, Associate Planner with The Olin Studio.

Announcements 02:44:44

Mention that tomorrow is Equality Day, the recognition of the passing of the 19th Amendment. City Manager mentions that a fire ban is in effect.

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