Fort Collins City Council Work Session & Adjourned Meeting 11/24/20

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City Council discussed the Council vacancy appointment process and then heard a COVID-19 update from Larimer County Public Health Director Tom Gonzales. Next, at their adjourned meeting, Council approved the Timberline Church Rezoning. Finally, Council returned to their work session to discuss Our Climate Future Planning and the Residential Metro District Evaluation System.


Call Meeting to Order 00:00:09

Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:27

Meeting Format 00:00:53

Roll Call 00:01:51

Councilmember Gorgol participating on the phone while she resolves internet issues.

Agenda Review 00:02:26

A COVID-19 update was added to the agenda. Meeting to begin with two work session items, then adjourn to an adjourned meeting to discuss the Timberline Church Rezoning and finally back to the last work session item.

Council Vacancy Appointment Process 00:03:56

Process for Council Vacancy Appointment and Selection of Mayor Pro Tem.The purpose of this item is to discuss the process Council would like to use to fill the District 4 vacancy created by Mayor Pro Tem Stephens’ election as a Larimer County Commissioner and for selecting a new Mayor Pro Tem. The proposed timeline and deadline impacts will also be discussed.

COVID-19 Update: 00:59:32

Council hears an update on COVID-19 from Larimer County Public Health Director Tom Gonzales.

COVID Preface 01:42:10

Public Engagement Options 01:42:59

Call Meeting to Order 01:45:59

Call the Adjourned City Council Meeting to order.

Roll Call 01:46:14

Councilmember Ross Cunniff will join the meeting shortly.

Agenda Review 01:46:54

No changes to the adjourned meeting agenda.

Item #1: Timberline Church Rezoning 01:47:30

Public Hearing and First Reading of Ordinance No. 145, 2020 Amending the Zoning Map of the City of Fort Collins by Changing the Zoning Classification for that Certain Property Known as the Timberline Church Rezoning.The purpose of this item is to amend the City’s Zoning Map to change the zoning designation for the Timberline Church Campus from Low Density Mixed-Use Neighborhood (LMN) to Medium Density Mixed-Use Neighborhood (MMN). The area proposed to be rezoned is approximately 32.79 acres. The applicant proposes the rezoning to support future infill housing on the site and enable higher density housing than would be allowed with the current LMN zoning. Additional commercial and institutional uses may also be proposed. The church has been in discussions with CSU regarding a potential land swap to construct an attainable housing project. CSU would donate their 4.76 acres on Timberline Road, and the church will swap 8-10 acres for the CSU property

Resuming Work Session 03:01:36

Our Climate Future Planning Update 03:01:54

Our Climate Future (OCF) is the project coordinating updates to the Climate Action Plan, Energy Policy, and Road to Zero Waste Plan. Fort Collins has been a national leader for environmental action with the adoption of ambitious climate, energy, and waste goals for over 20 years. Significant gains have been made in each of these areas with primary climate and energy goals on track to achieve 2020 interim milestones. At the same time, efforts will need to quickly scale up to reach the 2030 goals. Our Climate Future has proceeded with an intentionally different approach to updating planning documents. The integration of updating three plans in one process acknowledges the interconnections between waste, energy, and climate and identifies opportunities for connected solutions. Centering the planning process and strategies in community-defined priorities will result in increased buy-in to meet goals while simultaneously positively impacting other Fort Collins priorities.

Residential Metro District Evaluation System 04:19:22

The purpose of this item is to review and consider an evaluation system for Residential Metropolitan (Metro) District Service Plans. Staff proposes a system that provides both minimum requirements and a performance points system, including a menu of options, applied to Energy and Water Efficiency, Housing Attainability and Community Livability attributes. The proposed system is intended to provide metrics that further define ‘extraordinary public benefits’ as found in the adopted Metro District policy

Announcements 05:12:03

Confirmation of the start time for the next City Council Meeting and Happy Thanksgiving.

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