Fort Collins City Council Work Session 10/13/20

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City Council discussed the 2021 Recommended City Budget and heard a report on water and air quality related to the Cameron Peak Fire.


Call Meeting to Order 00:00:13

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All Council are present.

Agenda Review 00:02:17

The COVID-19 Update item was moved to October 20, 2020.

Topic: 2021 Recommended City Budget 00:04:46

The purpose of this work session is to review the City Manager’s 2021 Recommended Budget that was delivered to City Council and the City Clerk on September 1, 2020 pursuant to provisions of Article V, Section 2 of the City Charter. This discussion is a continuation of the overall budget discussion and Outcome review items discussed at the September 8 and September 22 Work Sessions. Two Public Hearings to gather input from the community about the 2021 Budget have also been completed. The Recommended Budget is aligned with the City’s adopted 2020 Strategic Plan, the Council Priorities Dashboard and community priorities. At the October 13, 2020 Work Session, staff will be looking for guidance on the changes to the City Manager’s Recommended Budget that Council would like to have incorporated into First Reading on November 4.

Topic: Cameron Peak Fire - Air & Water Quality 02:08:29

The purpose of this item is to inform Council of the status of the Cameron Peak Fire, the Fire’s potential effects on the City’s drinking water supply, air quality impacts, planned watershed restoration activities, and future land restoration and water treatment funding needs.

Announcements 02:59:07

Update on the Hughes Stadium Property. Request for information on the security of the election.

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