Fort Collins City Council Adjourned Meeting & Work Session 3/23/21

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City Council had an adjourned meeting with three items and then a work session with three items and a staff report.


Call to Order 00:00:15

Call Adjourned Meeting to Order

Roll Call 00:00:48

Stand with Boulder 00:01:12

COVID Preface 00:02:53

Public Participation Options 00:03:28

Agenda Review & Staff Report 00:05:14

Item #1: 738 Campfire Dr Appeal - Findings 00:13:23

Resolution 2021-036 Making Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law Regarding the Appeal of the Hearing Officer Decision Approving the 738 Campfire Drive Extra Occupancy Rental House #FDP200018

Item #2: Public Benefits for Mulberry Development 00:16:10

Resolution 2020-030 Approving an Agreement to Secure Public Benefits for Mulberry Development as Provided in Service Plan for Mulberry Metropolitan District Nos. 1 through 6

Item #3: Tourism Improvement Districts 00:32:33

First Reading of Ordinance No. 050, 2021, Amending Chapter 22 of the Code of the City of Fort Collins to Add a New Article V. Concerning the Establishment of Tourism Improvement Districts.

Other Business 00:42:41

Call to Order 00:47:14

Call Work Session to Order

Agenda Review 00:48:34

Item #1: Connexion Update 00:54:23

The purpose of this item is to provide Council and the public with an overview and update of the Connexion municipal fiber buildout.

Item #2: Municipal Immigration Legal Fund 01:55:02

The purpose of this work session item is to provide Council with information requested on the need for immigration legal services in Fort Collins, existing municipal immigration legal fund implementation and funding models, and alignment of potential solutions with our community-specific needs.

Item#3: Wastewater Utility Overview 03:27:14

The purpose of this item is to provide an overview of the Fort Collins Wastewater Utility. Wastewater Utility collects, treats, and either discharges or reuses the effluent from approximately one-third of the city’s residents and businesses.

Staff Report: Winter Storm Xylia Impacts 04:10:36

Staff Report: Winter Storm Xylia Impacts on Water Supply and Quality

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