Fort Collins City Council Meeting 12/15/20

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City Council approved the findings of fact regarding the 724 & 726 South College Landmark Eligibility Appeal and discussed the next steps for plastic pollution strategies. The item on Fort Collins Utility water use for the Montava development was not discussed this evening.


Proclamations 00:00:11

A. Proclamation Declaring December 24, 2020 as John Matsushima Day. B. Proclamation Declaring December 31, 2020 as Mary Ontiveros Day

Call Meeting to Order 00:08:38

Pledge of Allegiance 00:08:50

Roll Call 00:09:13

All Council are present.

COVID Preface 00:09:36

Spanish Interpretation Instructions 00:09:59

Public Engagement Options 00:12:26

Setting the Tone 00:14:08

Agenda Review 00:15:12

Item #21 on augmentation of the potable water supply for the Montava Property was pulled from the agenda and will be discussed at a future date. There were no other changes to the agenda.

Consent Calendar Review 00:16:37

Public Comment 00:18:45

Public Comment Follow-Up 00:29:21

Consent Calendar & Follow-Up 00:41:59

Staff Reports 00:43:41

Community Dashboard Metrics - City Employee Safety Metrics.

Councilmember Reports 00:56:26

Item #20: 724 & 726 South College Appeal 01:14:47

Resolution 2020-117 Making Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law Regarding the Appeal of the Landmark Preservation Commission's Determinations of Landmark Eligibility for 724 and 726 South College Avenue.

Item #22: Plastics Pollution 01:25:46

Resolution 2020-118 Giving Staff Direction on Next Steps for City Council Adoption of Plastic Pollution Mitigation Strategies.

Other Business 03:01:00

Conversation on the need to appoint Coucnilmembers to various boards such as the Platte River Power Authority Board of Directors, the Poudre Fire Authority Board, and to the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

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