Fort Collins City Council Adjourned Meeting & Work Session 7/28/20

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During their Adjourned Meeting, City Council discussed how to use coronavirus relief fund (CARES Act) funds, adopted an ethics opinion regarding Councilmember Gorgol, and authorized adjourning into executive session. Then, during their Work Session, Council discussed a proposed Manufactured Housing Zone District and Natural Areas with regards to Agriculture.


Call Meeting to Order 00:00:13

Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:24

Roll Call 00:00:44

All Council are present and participating remotely.

COVID Preface 00:01:08

Public Engagement Options 00:01:28

Agenda Review 00:03:07

No changes to the published Adjourned Meeting agenda. Updated language was added to Item #1 on the Emergency Ordinance.

Item #1: Coronavirus Relief Fund 00:03:44

Emergency Ordinance No. 094, 2020, Appropriating Unanticipated Revenue in the General Fund from the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CVRF), CARES Act, Title V. The purpose of this item is to appropriate the City Coronavirus Relief Fund (CVRF) allocation in an emergency ordinance due to the immediate exigency in addressing COVID-19. The City has incurred significant expenditures in its response to the COVID-19 public health emergency and anticipates City of Fort Collins Page 3 further costs as COVID-19 continues to have health, social and economic consequences. Any remaining CVRF funds will be utilized to address social and economic recovery in our community. Emergency ordinances are authorized under the Charter in emergency circumstances and require the affirmative vote of at least five (5) members of the Council for passage.

Item #2: Ethics Review Board Opinion 00:47:39

Resolution 2020-070 Accepting and Adopting Ethics Opinion No. 2020-02 of the Ethics Review Board Advising Councilmember Emily Gorgol in Response to Her Request for an Advisory Opinion. The purpose of this item is proposed adoption by the City Council of Ethics Opinion No. 2020-02 of the Ethics Review Board providing an advisory opinion to Councilmember Emily Gorgol in response to her request related to various upcoming Council decisions regarding manufactured housing.

Item #3: Motion for Executive Session 00:54:01

Consideration of a motion to enter into executive session to discuss legal matters relating to manufactured housing zoning matters

Call Work Session to Order 00:59:11

Meeting Format 00:59:22

Roll Call 01:00:10

All Council are present and participating remotely.

Agenda Review 01:00:39

Topic: Manufactured Housing Rezoning 01:01:00

The purpose of this item is to review and discuss issues relating to the potential rezoning of properties to the forthcoming Manufactured Housing (M-H) zone district, including the influence of existing land use policy and a possible extension of the manufactured housing redevelopment moratorium.

Topic: Natural Areas & Local Agriculture 02:03:30

The purpose of this item is to discuss potential conservation agriculture projects on lands acquired and managed by the City’s Natural Areas Department (the Department). Pending Council’s advice and feedback, in coming months staff will return to Council for its review of several leases associated with potential conservation agriculture partnerships. This item will provide an overview of conservation agriculture and a description of how conservation agriculture can help the Department improve its land stewardship. It will discuss how the Department could align agricultural management practices with its mission and support the City’s goals related to local, sustainable agriculture. A conservation agriculture approach would represent a shift to the current land management methodology on several natural areas. This shift will better reflect the 2014 Natural Areas Master Plan as compared to current agricultural operations (monocropping and haying). Moreover, as one of the largest landowners in and around Fort Collins, the City can play a role in helping the community achieve its goals related to the local food system as articulated in City Plan.

Announcements 02:45:19

Councilmember request for information on the Hughes Stadium item scheduled for the following week.

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