Fort Collins City Council Meeting 9/1/20

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City Council discussed suspending the certain provisions of the City's Land Use Code to allow a temporary homeless shelter at 1301 Blue Spruce Drive; amending the City Code regarding Economic Nexus and the collection of sales tax from remote sellers; and amending the City Code related to campaigns and campaign finance in City elections.


Proclamations 00:00:07

A. Proclamation Declaring September as Shift Your Ride Month.

Call Meeting to Order 00:01:56

Pledge of Allegiance 00:02:08

Roll Call 00:02:29

All Council are present. Mayor Pro Tem Stephens joined the meeting at 6:33 pm.

COVID Preface 00:03:11

Agenda Review 00:03:33

A Councilmember proposed resolution related to support for law enforcement was added under other business. There were no other changes to the published agenda.

Public Engagement Options 00:04:34

Setting the Tone 00:07:06

Consent Calendar Review 00:07:53

No items were pulled from the Consent Calendar.

Public Comment 00:09:09

Public Comment Follow-Up 00:23:06

Consent Calendar & Follow-Up 00:31:25

Staff Report: COVID-19 Update 00:32:44

COVID-19 Update - Discuss women in the workforce related to COVID-19, school choice, and childcare presented by Josh Birks.

Councilmember Reports 01:12:14

Item #12: Homeless Shelter at 1301 Blue Spruce 01:16:36

Emergency Ordinance No. 110, 2020 Suspending Certain Provisions of the City’s Land Use Code to Permit Temporary Use of the Property at 1301 Blue Spruce Drive as a Homeless Shelter. The purpose of this item is for Council to consider approving an emergency ordinance to allow a temporary overnight shelter at 1301 Blue Spruce Drive. The number of shelter beds available in Fort Collins has been reduced due to the need for social distancing because of COVID-19. While homeless shelters are a permitted use in the Industrial Zone District where this property is located, this would allow the use to occur immediately rather than undergoing the development review process for the proposed change in use. Emergency ordinances are authorized under the Charter in emergency circumstances and require the affirmative vote of at least five (5) members of the Council for passage.

Item #13: Sales Tax Obligation of Remote Sellers 02:07:15

First Reading of Ordinance No. 111, 2020, Amending Chapter 25 of the Code of the City of Fort Collins Regarding Economic Nexus and the Obligation of Remote Sellers to Collect and Remit Sales Tax. The purpose of this item is to discuss the proposed adoption of an Ordinance to require remote sellers to collect and remit City sales tax. The Ordinance is based on a model ordinance prepared by a working group of municipal attorneys and municipal finance staff, coordinated by the Colorado Municipal League (CML). With adoption of the Ordinance, the City Manager will enter into an agreement with the Colorado Department of Revenue to allow such taxpayers to remit tax to the City using the Department’s single point of remittance software.

Item #14: Code Changes - City Elections 02:28:53

First Reading of Ordinance No. 112, 2020, Amending Section 7-135 of the Code of the City of Fort Collins to Amend Requirements and Procedures Related to Campaigns and Campaign Finance in City Elections. The purpose of this item is to consider proposed amendments to the City’s election campaign Code provisions.

Other Business 03:16:27

Motion to adjourn the regular City Council Meeting to after the GID No.1 Board Meeting.

Call Meeting to Order: GID No. 1 Board 03:17:58

Roll Call: GID No. 1 Meeting 03:18:08

All Council are present.

Item #1: Downtown Parks Maintenance Appropriation 03:18:33

Second Reading of Ordinance No. 073, Appropriating Prior Year Reserves for Downtown Parks Maintenance. This Ordinance, unanimously adopted on First Reading on August 18, 2020, appropriates $175,000 in fiscal year 2020 in the General Improvement District No. 1 (“GID”) for downtown parks maintenance. This funding will come from GID reserves, which at the end of 2019 were about $900,000. Due to the COVID-19 impact on City priorities, we expect lower than budgeted spending for the GID in 2020, therefore, the estimated impact of this item is an additional $58,000 over the 2020 Budget. The GID can support an additional $175,000 expense without reducing the current level of service for construction and reconstruction of sidewalks, curbs, gutters and streets and/or funding for downtown holiday lights. The City Manager recommends this appropriation and determined the funds are available with previously unappropriated funds from the GID’s prior year reserves and will not cause the total amount appropriated in the GID’s prior year reserves fund to exceed the current estimate of actual and anticipated revenues to be received in that fund during this fiscal year.

Other Business 03:20:10

Discussion of a Councilmember proposed resolution related to support for law enforcement and the right to peacefully assemble. Motion to adjourn into executive session.

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