Fort Collins City Council Work Session 5/11/21

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City Council is presented with the Poudre Fire Authority 2020 Annual Report. Then Council discusses the Municipal Immigration Legal Fund. Finally, Council discusses water supply requirements and allotments. (There were technical difficulties at the beginning of the PFA item.)


Call Meeting to Order 00:00:02

Spanish Interpretation 00:00:21

Pledge of Allegiance 00:02:15

Meeting Format 00:02:38

Roll Call 00:03:41

Agenda Review 00:04:27

Poudre Fire Authority 2020 Annual Report 00:06:02

The purpose of this item is to discuss the Poudre Fire Authority’s (PFA) overall performance in fulfilling its responsibilities under the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between its parent organizations, as well as the implications to PFA from the COVID-19 pandemic and Cameron Peak Fire.

Municipal Immigration Legal Fund 01:02:07

Council requested this work session item for staff to provide an overview of research and options to address the need for immigration legal services in Fort Collins, existing municipal immigration legal fund implementation and funding models, and alignment of potential solutions with our communityspecific needs.

Water Supply Requirements & Allotments 02:41:56

The purpose of this work session is to discuss a proposal to update the methodology for calculating the Fort Collins Utilities (Utilities) Water Supply Requirements (WSR). WSRs are a dedication of water rights or cash-in-lieu of water rights (cash-in-lieu) to ensure adequate water supplies and associated infrastructure are available to serve both new development and re-development in the Utilities water service area. For non-residential customers, the WSRs are translated into an annual water allotment (allotment), with an Excess Water Use surcharge (surcharge) applied to water use that exceeds the allotment.

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