Fort Collins City Council Meeting 3/2/21

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Topics: Home2Health Year 2 Appropriation; Disposable Bag Regulation Appropriation; Exterior Lighting Code; & Appointments to the Parking Advisory Board.


Call Meeting to Order 00:00:06

Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:17

Roll Call 00:00:37

COVID Preface 00:01:04

Agenda Review 00:01:32

Public Engagement Options 00:02:02

Setting the Tone 00:03:32

Consent Calendar Review 00:04:14

Public Comment 00:06:35

Public Comment Follow-Up 00:19:34

Consent Calendar & Follow-Up 00:30:52

Staff Report - Poudre In Stream Flow Project 00:33:14

Cache la Poudre Instream Flow Project Update with John Stokes and Eric Potyondy.

Councilmember Reports 00:49:45

#14: Home2Health Year 2 Appropriation 00:53:53

Second Reading of Ordinance No. 028, 2021, Making Supplemental Appropriations for Year 2 of the Home2Health Project.

#15: Disposable Bag Regulation Appropriation 00:55:44

First Reading of Ordinance No. 027, 2021, Approving and Appropriating an Off-Cycle Funding Request Contingent on the Outcome of the April 6, 2021, Election, to Support Initial Implementation of Ordinance No. 026, 2021, Establishing Regulations Regarding Disposable Bags

#16: Exterior Lighting Code 01:28:07

First Reading of Ordinance No. 040, 2021, Amending the Land Use Code Regarding Exterior Lighting.

#13: Appointments to Parking Board 01:56:24

Resolution 2021-029 Making Appointments to the Parking Advisory Board of the City of Fort Collins.

Other Busines 02:02:03

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