Planning & Zoning Board Meeting 5/26/21

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The Planning & Zoning Commission discusses the West Willox density modification request and the Stanford Senior Living Project Development Plan.


Call Meeting to Order 00:00:29

Roll Call 00:00:39

All six commission members are present.

COVID Preface 00:01:12

Explanation of Proceedings 00:01:33

The Chair explains the role of the Planning & Zoning Commission and how the meeting will be conducted.

Agenda Review 00:03:33

There are no items on the consent agenda and there are two items on the discussion agenda.

Citizen Participation 00:04:20


Item #1: West Willox UE Density Modification 00:05:15

This is a request for a Modification of a Standard in the Urban Estate zone district to increase allowable density from 2 dwelling units per acre to 4 per acre on a 19-acre property. The applicants intend to submit a development plan with the requested density, but they find it important to resolve the fundamental question of how many homes would potentially be built, before investing in a full Project Development Plan submittal.

Roll Call 02:14:06

All six members of the Commission are still present.

Item #2: Stanford Senior Living 02:14:50

Commissioner Hansen has recused himself from this item. This is a request for a Project Development Plan (PDP) to build a four-story long-term care facility for seniors. Parking is both underground within the building and in a parking lot that is shared with the Marriott Hotel next door. The site is a platted lot served by the existing street system, with utility infrastructure in place to serve the lot. Access is proposed from Stanford Rd. to the east and Monroe Dr. to the north. The property is within the General Commercial (CG) zone district and requires Planning & Zoning Board (Type 2) Review.

Other Business 03:01:53

Topics: Alternative Compliance and returning to a hybrid meeting format in June.

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