Fort Collins City Council Work Session 6/08/21

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City Council discussed the Visit Fort Collins Destination Master & Recovery Plans; an overview of the City's Water Utility; and the Safe Water Action Program (SWAP).


Call Meeting to Order 00:00:14

Meeting Format 00:00:19

Roll Call 00:01:10

All Council are present.

Agenda Review 00:01:41

No changes to the published agenda.

Topic: Visit Fort Collins Destination Master Plan 00:02:58

Visit Fort Collins Destination Master Plan and Recovery Plan.The purpose of this item is to provide an update on the Destination Master Plan and Recovery Plan, recognizing the impacts to the travel and tourism industry

Topic: Water Utility Overview 00:33:28

The purpose of this item is to provide an overview of the Fort Collins water utility, which provides reliable, high-quality water for approximately two-thirds of the city’s residents and businesses. On average, 26 million gallons of water are treated every day. This represents one of the largest investments the City makes in the Environmental Health Outcome Area within the City’s services. Investment will be needed now and into the future to address aging water infrastructure, adapt to climate change, meet increased regulations, and ensure enough water to sustain our community’s quality of life today and tomorrow.

Topic: Safe Water Action Program 01:44:33

The purpose of this work session is to discuss the Safe Water Action Program (SWAP), which is a public health initiative from Fort Collins Utilities to accelerate the identification and replacement any remaining aging galvanized water service lines (utility-owned portion) and lead goosenecks. It is also an effort to educate the public about lead in drinking water, how to identify potential sources of risk, and easy actions anyone can take to reduce risk. While our risk is very low, SWAP protects public health and proactively maintains the safety and reliability of drinking water

Announcements 02:12:08

Recognition of City Clerk Delynn Coldiron as she leaves the City for her new position with the City of Loveland

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