Fort Collins City Council Meeting 7/6/21

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City Council discussed the Municipal Immigration Legal Fund Pilot Program; Income Qualified Assistance Program related to Utility rates, fees, and charges; and whether City Council Work Session should be remote or in-person.


Proclamations 00:00:10

A. Proclamation Acknowledging Fort Collins' Award in the "Best of the Best" Water Taste Test

Call Meeting to Order 00:03:56

Spanish Interpretation 00:04:00

Pledge of Allegiance 00:06:48

Roll Call 00:07:11

All Council are present.

COVID Information 00:07:40

Announcements 00:08:56

Agenda Review 00:10:37

A motion to adjourn this meeting to the following week was removed from the agenda. There were no other changes to the published agenda.

Public Engagement Options 00:11:26

Consent Calendar Review 00:13:32

Item #10 was pulled by Councilmember Ohlson. All other consent items, #1 - 9 and #11 - 16 were pulled by a member of the public.

Public Comment 00:21:12

Public Comment Follow-Up 00:47:53

Consent Agenda 00:57:11

The entire consent agenda has been pulled and will be discussed later in the meeting.

Community Report 00:57:32

West Nile Virus Update with Larimer County Health Director Tom Gonzales

Councilmember Reports 01:14:33

Item #10: Ethical Rules for Commission Members 01:19:16

First Reading of Ordinance No. 072, 2021, Amending Section 2-568 of the Code of the City of Fort Collins Relating to Ethical Rules of Conduct for Quasi-Judicial Commission Members. The purpose of this item is to amend the Ethical Rules of Conduct in Chapter 2 of the City Code to provide clear guidance and direction to Type 2 Advisory Board and Quasi-Judicial Commission members with respect to activities that call for their recusal from matters coming before them in their decision-making capacity.

Item #17: Municipal Immigration Legal Fund Pilot 01:38:57

Second Reading of Ordinance No. 064, 2021, Appropriating Prior Year Reserves for a Municipal Immigration Legal Fund Pilot Program. Changes to this Ordinance on second reading include: 1) clearly identifying the Immigration Legal Fund as a “Pilot Program” throughout; 2) recognizing the economic and family impacts of immigration proceeding on the Fort Collins’ community; and 3) specifying metrics to be reported to Council on a quarterly basis. City of Fort Collins Page 8 This Ordinance, adopted on First Reading on June 15, 2021, appropriates $250,000 in General Fund Reserves to create a Municipal Immigration Legal Fund pilot program. If approved, this appropriation would create a Pilot Program to fund local access to legal services to assist Fort Collins residents in the complex legal proceedings required to seek citizenship or to formally establish lawful presence. In recognition of the impacts on children and the financial contributions made by the Fort Collins’ immigrant community, grant funds would be awarded to legal service providers based on a competitive process and would be dedicated to providing defense and legal support for Fort Collins residents: ?? at risk of deportation; ?? children seeking Special Immigrant Juvenile Status; ?? seeking pathways to citizenship and lawful presence (also known as Affirmative Cases); and additionally, to pay for program administration, education, and outreach. The Council Finance Committee reviewed this appropriation request at its April 19, 2021, and May 24, 2021, meetings. Specific metrics including number of clients served, case outcomes, number of Fort Collins’ children impacted, number of days spent in deportation proceedings, and income range of clients will be reported back to Council quarterly once the Pilot Program is initiated.

Motion to Continue Meeting 04:46:16

Motion to continue the meeting past 10:30 pm.

Item #18: Income-Qualified Assistance Program 04:47:19

First Reading of Ordinance No. 091, 2021, Amending Chapter 26 of the Code of the City of Fort Collins Related to Water, Wastewater and Electric Rates, Fees, and Charges Applied Under the Income- Qualified Assistance Program. The purpose of this item is to consider a Code amendment to extend the Income-Qualified Assistance Program (IQAP) pilot rate an additional year (through 2022) and align it with the Fort Collins Utilities’ rate ordinances that are considered in the fall. Additionally, this item considers Code amendments that would make administrative modifications to the program’s enrollment process.

Item #19: Council's Intent - Remote Work Sessions 05:14:36

Resolution 2021-074 Expressing Council's Intent and Direction Regarding Remote Work Sessions. The purpose of this item is to adopt a Resolution expressing Council’s intent and direction regarding remote work sessions. This Resolution sets a consistent expectation for the format of Council work sessions; Alternative 1 makes remote participation the default format while Alternative 2 makes inperson participation the default.

Motion to Continue Meeting 05:57:19

Motion to suspend the rules and continue the meeting past midnight.

Consent Calendar 05:58:32

Item #5: Code Changes Regarding Smoking Materials 06:06:17

Second Reading of Ordinance No. 082, 2021, Amending Chapter 12 of the Code of the City of Fort Collins Regarding Smoking Materials. This Ordinance, unanimously adopted on First Reading on June 15, 2021, amends Chapter 12 of the City Code to reflect adopted State of Colorado House Bill (HB) actions which equate “vaping” with “smoking” and change age restrictions on selling smokable products from 18 years old to 21. It would also add a local definition of “smoking material” to clearly define what products cannot be sold to persons under 21 years of age for purposes of smoking or vaping.

Other Business 06:08:12

B. Consideration of a motion to reschedule the August 3 Regular meeting to 6:00 p.m. on August 4, 2021: “I move, pursuant to City Code Section 2-28 (a), that the August 3, 2021, Regular Council meeting be moved to Wednesday, August 4, 20210, so that Councilmembers may participate in the annual “Neighborhood Night Out” community activities that are scheduled for the evening of August 3.” C. Consideration of a motion to cancel the August 17 Regular meeting: “I move, pursuant to City Code Section 2-28 (a), that the August 17, 2021, Regular Council meeting be cancelled.”

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