Fort Collins City Council Meeting 7/20/21

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Topics: Ethical Rules of Conduct for Quasi-Judicial Commission Members, Amending the City's Structure Plan Map to Conform to the Rezoning of the Hughes Stadium Annexation Property to Public Open Lands, Establishing the Fort Collins Tourism Improvement District, Adopting the 2021-2023 City Council Priorities, Authorize an Internal Posting and Appointment Process for an Interim City Manager and more.


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Proclamation Declaring August 7, 2021 as Sister Mary Alice Murphy Day

Call Meeting to Order & Pledge of Allegiance 00:03:15

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COVID Information 00:04:43

Agenda Review 00:05:39

Consent Calendar Review 00:10:18

Public Comment 00:18:02

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Consent Calendar 01:39:33

Item #8: Plaza Construction at Sugar Beet Park 01:43:01

The purpose of this item is to request appropriation of $67,850 in philanthropic revenue received by City Give for the Capital Projects Fund, Park Planning & Development, Community Services per the intent of the donors: Mujeres de Colores and the Downtown Development Authority. The funds are designated for the construction and installation of a plaza for The Hand That Feeds, a bronze sculpture commemorating Mexican and Hispanic laborers who worked the sugar beet fields of Northern Colorado, that Mujeres de Colores intends to donate to the City.

Item #10: Drake & College Intersection Improvement 01:57:32

The purpose of this item is to appropriate $498,900 in Transportation Capital Expansion Fee (TCEF) Fund reserves and $1,100 in Transportation Services Fund reserves to begin design and coordination on the Drake and College intersection (the “Intersection”) improvements. This work must be done to run concurrently with several active developments within the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) plan area that are in the vicinity of the Intersection. In addition, this item will authorize the transfer of $5,000, one percent of the appropriated funds, from the Capital Project Fund to the Cultural Services and Facilities Fund for Art in Public Places (APP).

Staff Report: Natural Areas Visitation Update 02:05:07

Councilmember Reports 02:19:00

Item #13: Ethical Rules of Conduct 02:21:31

This Ordinance, adopted on July 6, 2021 by a vote of 5-2 (Nays: Gutowsky, Ohlson), amends the Ethical Rules of Conduct in Chapter 2 of the City Code to provide clear guidance and direction to Type 2 Advisory Board and Quasi-Judicial Commission members with respect to activities that call for their recusal from matters coming before them in their decision-making capacity.

Item #14: Amending City's Structural Plan 02:26:36

The purpose of this item is to update the Structure Plan map to be consistent with the recent voter directed rezoning of the Hughes Stadium property as Public Open Lands (POL). The Structure Plan map, and its associated land use designations called ‘Place Types’ are part of City Plan, the City’s comprehensive plan. The Structure Plan provides a long-term framework for land use and transportation to guide growth and change. This update to the Structure Plan map eliminates the conflict with the POL zoning on the Hughes Stadium property and appropriately represents the community’s land use direction.

Item #15:Establishing Tourism Improvement District 02:34:23

The purpose of this item is for Council to consider establishing the Fort Collins Tourism Improvement District (District). The District’s purpose is , “…to operate as a [tourism improvement district] charging fees to the lodging businesses included within the District to fund and provide specific tourism services and improvements for the benefit of the feepayers’ lodging businesses. These services and improvements will be primarily used to increase room night sales for those lodging businesses.” Council will hold a public hearing at second reading for the District on August 4, 2021, if this Ordinance passes on first reading. The petition submitted for establishing the District meets the requirements outlined in Article V of Chapter 22 of the City Code.

Item #16: Adopting 2021-2023 Council Priorities 02:50:06

Item #17: Internal Posting & Appointment Process 03:10:17

The purpose of this item is to consider a motion by Council to authorize an internal posting for an Interim City Manager. On July 8, 2021, City Manager Darin Atteberry announced his resignation effective August 20, 2021. A Council action considering the appointment of an Interim City Manager is planned for August 4, 2021. Before that date, the City must post the opening internally to all City employees as required by the Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act.

Other Business 03:20:39

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