Fort Collins City Council Meeting 8/4/21

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Topics: Appointment of Interim City Manager, Creating a City Manager Selection Process Committee, Gratitude & Appreciation to City Manager, Appropriate Prior Year Reserves to Fund the Continued Build of the Broadband Network.


Call to Order 00:00:08

Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:22

Roll Call 00:00:40

COVID Information 00:01:19

Agenda Review 00:02:44

Community Report: COVID-19 Update 00:03:41

Consent Calendar 00:37:37

Public Comment 00:40:56

Public Comment Follow-Up 01:11:58

Councilmember Reports 01:15:38

Item #7: Establishing the Fort Collins TID 01:18:19

Second Reading of Ordinance No. 097, 2021, Establishing the Fort Collins Tourism Improvement District

Item #12: Sam's Club Fuel Station Appeal 01:22:00

Item #8: Appointment of Interim City Manager 01:25:42

The purpose of these two items is to appoint an Interim City Manager and to set the compensation and terms of the Interim City Manager appointment.

Item #9: Creating a City Manager Selection Process 01:37:53

The purpose of this item is to begin the City Manager recruitment and selection process by appointing Councilmembers to an Ad Hoc Committee known as the City Manager Selection Process Committee to develop recommendations to the Council for the recruitment and selection of a City Manager.

Item #10: Gratitude & Appreciation to City Manager 01:49:01

The purpose of this item is to express gratitude and appreciation to Darin Atteberry for his contributions to the City and community as City Manager.

Item 11: Money for Broadband Network Build Out 02:24:09

The purpose of this item is to appropriate prior year reserves to fund the continued build of the Broadband network. The original construction budget is approximately 85% spent through the end of June 2021. Increased boring costs, additional premises in the build area, and the construction schedule developed from the design/build framework have contributed to the need to access these funds.

Public Pulled Consent Items 02:37:45

Other Business 03:05:09

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