Landmark Preservation Commission Meeting 5/19/21

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The Landmark Preservation Commission discussed staff design review decisions, the final design review of 140 North McKinley Avenue, and a landmark status hearing for 528 West Mountain Avenue.


Call Meeting to Order 00:00:12

Roll Call 00:00:21

COVID Preface 00:00:53

Historic Preservation Month 00:01:22

May is Historic Preservation Month and the chair of the LPC, Meg Dunn, was relating the proclamation she received from the Mayor on May 4, 2021.

Recognition of City Employees 00:05:30

Historic Preservation Senior Planner Maren Bzdek was awarded a World Class People award by the City Of Fort Collins. Historic Preservation Manager Karen McWilliams was recognized for her 26 years of service to the City as she prepares to retire.

Agenda Review 00:16:30

Consent Agenda Review 00:17:23

No changes to the consent agenda.

Staff Reports 00:17:48

Only staff report was that the LPC will be changing it's name to the Historic Preservation Commission beginning with it's June meeting.

Public Comment 00:18:45

No public comment.

Consent Agenda 00:19:06

Only item on consent was the minutes from the April 21, 2021 LPC meeting. It remained on the consent agenda.

Item #2: Report on Staff Design Review Decisions 00:19:55

Report on Staff Design Review Decisions for Designated Properties.Staff is tasked with reviewing projects and, in cases where the project can be approved without submitting to the Landmark Preservation Commission, with issuing a Certificate of Appropriateness or a SHPO report under Chapter 14, Article IV of the City’s Municipal Code. This item is a report of all such review decisions since the last regular meeting of the Commission.

Item #3: 140 N. McKinley Ave - Final Design Review 00:24:56

This item is to provide a final design review of a proposed rear addition to the City Landmark at 140 N. McKinley Avenue, the Robert and Orpha Buxton House & Attached Garage. The owner is seeking a Certificate of Appropriateness for their final designs.

Item #4: 528 W Mountain - Landmark Status Hearing 00:40:43

This item is to consider the request for a recommendation to City Council on Landmark designation of the Samuel & Jessie Moore Property at 528 W. Mountain Avenue. The nomination is not supported by the owners, Jason and Misha Green.

Other Business 02:30:34

Notice that the Historic Larimer County Member's Meeting is this coming Saturday.

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