Planning & Zoning Board Meeting 5/20/21

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Topics: NE Prospect & I-25 Annexation and Zoning, NE Prospect & I-25 Rezone, Sam’s Club Fuel Station Major Amendment and APU, Magnolia Dwellings and Mosaic Neighborhood Center.


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Agenda Review 00:02:37

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Consent Agenda 00:15:28

Item #2: NE Prospect & I-25 Annexation and Zoning 00:34:41

This is a request for a 100% voluntary annexation of a former frontage road that was recently vacated by Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). The vacated 4-acre tract of land was dedicated to the adjacent property owner, who is now petitioning for annexation and zoning of the property. The adjacent properties have already been incorporated into the city. The requested zoning for this annexation is General Commercial (C-G).

Item #3: NE Prospect & I-25 Rezone 01:00:52

This is a request to rezone 4.625-acres in the northeast quadrant of the I-25 and East Prospect Road interchange (parcel # 8715000009). The site is currently zoned Urban Estate (UE) and the request is for placement into the Industrial (I) zone district.

Item #4: Sam’s Club Fuel Station Major Amendment.. 01:39:57

This is a proposed Major Amendment, MJA#200002, of the Harmony Market 1st Filing PUD. The proposed development would add a Sam’s Club fuel station in a bay of the existing Sam’s Club parking lot. This request requires an Addition of a Permitted Use (APU) for the gasoline station because that use is not listed as a permitted use in the Harmony Corridor Standards and Guidelines for Regional Shopping Centers. Sam’s Club is part of a designated Regional Shopping Center per the Standards and Guidelines.

Item #5: Magnolia Dwellings 03:07:48

This is a request to construct a 3,795 square foot 4-plex located at 335 E Magnolia Street. The proposal includes two modifications of standards to allow for a reduced parking lot landscape setback and to exceed the compact parking stall maximum from 40% to 42%.

Item #6: Mosaic Neighborhood Center 04:21:24

This is a Project Development Plan (P.D.P.) to develop a neighborhood center for the Mosaic Community. The proposal includes approximately 4,000 square feet of commercial space as well as a community pool with an affiliated 1,000 square foot building, a neighborhood open space area, and 19 off-street parking spaces. Future access will be taken from Conquest Way to the east. The request includes a Modification of Standard and is located within the LowDensity Mixed-Use Neighborhood (LMN) zone district, which requires Planning & Zoning Board (Type 2) review.

Other Business 05:21:07

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