Fort Collins City Council Work Session 8/31/21

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Topics: City Manager’s 2022 Recommended Budget, Council Meeting Norms and Rules & Northeast Fort Collins Planning and Projects Overview.


Call to Order 00:00:16

Roll Call 00:00:54

Agenda Review 00:02:19

Item #1: City Manager’s 2022 Recommended Budget 00:03:10

The purpose of this item is to review the economic, revenue and expense assumptions included in the 2022 City Manager's Recommended Budget, which will be delivered to Council and available to the public on September 1, 2021. This work session will also provide an overview of the major 2022 budget themes, public feedback opportunities and the schedule of Council budget meetings and Public Hearings during September through November.

Item #2: Council Meeting Norms and Rules 00:49:49

The purpose of this item is to explore options for Council meeting norms and rule adjustments.

Item #3: Northeast Fort Collins Planning & Projects Overview 02:08:33

The purpose of this item is to provide an overview of planning considerations, policy guidance, and future projects in northeast Fort Collins (north of Vine Drive, east of Lemay Avenue and generally encompassed in the Mountain Vista Subarea). As the largest area of mostly vacant, agricultural land in the Growth Management Area, significant development is anticipated over the coming decades. Council may be involved in various decisions related to planning and development in this area of the community, including plan amendments, development plans, annexation and zoning decisions, utility service agreements, metropolitan districts, and funding for capital projects. New and proposed development in the area has necessitated a holistic analysis of utility provision, the transportation network and community amenities in northeast Fort Collins, which pose both opportunities and constraints for the City. Staff will share background information and context for Council to set the stage for future action items.

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