Fort Collins City Council Meeting 11/16/21

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Topics: 2021 Civic Center Master Plan, 2022, Budget, and 2 GID Board Meetings


Proclamations 00:00:17

Proclamation Declaring November 27 and the Entire Holiday Season as Small Business Season, Proclamation Declaring November as Transgender Acceptance Month and Proclamation Declaring November as Homelessness Awareness Month

Call Meeting to Order 00:23:18

Roll Call 00:23:59

COVID Information 00:24:30

Public Participation Options 00:27:16

Agenda Review 00:29:33

Public Comment 00:30:44

Public Comment Follow-Up 01:11:06

Consent Calendar 01:36:09

Consent Calendar Follow-Up 01:39:07

Councilmember Reports 01:47:04

Item #8: Items Relating to 2022 Utility Rates, Fees, and Charges 01:59:25

Second Reading of Ordinance No. 151, 2021, Amending Chapter 26 of the Code of the City of Fort Collins to Revise Miscellaneous Water Fees and Charges, Including the Water Supply Requirement Fee.

Item #22: Master License Agreement with Crown Castle Fiber, LLC 02:29:30

Resolution 2021-108 Authorizing the City Manager to Sign a Master License Agreement with Crown Castle Fiber, LLC for Small Wireless Communication Equipment Attachments on City Facilities in Public Rights-of-Way

Item #24: Adopting the City's 2022 Legislative Policy Agenda 02:33:25

Item #19: Adopting the 2021 Civic Center Master Plan 02:46:10

Item #25: Second Reading of the 2022 Budget 03:13:17

Second Reading of Ordinance No. 145, 2021, Being the Annual Appropriation Ordinance Relating to the Annual Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2022; Adopting the Budget for the Fiscal Year beginning January 1, 2022, and Ending December 31, 2022; and Fixing the Mill Levy for Property Taxes Payable in 2022.

Other Business 03:27:08

Other Business - Item C: Special Meeting on November 30 03:28:26

Special Meeting at 6:00 p.m. on November 30 to conduct annual performance evaluations for Council’s direct report employees

Other Business - Item D: Special Meeting on December 7 03:29:45

Consider a motion to call a Special Meeting at 5:30 p.m. on December 7 to go into Executive Session to discuss performance and compensation for Council’s direct report employees

General Improvement District No. 1 Board Regular Meeting 03:31:09

1) Consideration and Approval of the Minutes of the November 2 Meeting 2)Second Reading of Ordinance No. 075, Ex-Officio the Board of Directors of General Improvement District No. 1, Determining and Fixing the Mill Levy for General Improvement District No. 1 for Fiscal Year 2021; Directing the Secretary of the District to Certify Such Levy to the Board of County Commissioners of Larimer County; and Making the Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Appropriation

Skyview South General Improvement District No. 15 Board Meeting 03:34:00

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