Fort Collins City Council Work Session 12/8/20

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Council discussed Equity Indicators, possible amendments to the City Charter, a possible ballot item regarding single use plastics, and the City's Housing Strategic Plan.


Call Meeting to Order 00:00:08

Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:20

Meeting Format 00:00:41

Roll Call 00:01:38

All Council are present.

Agenda Review 00:02:03

No changes to the agenda.

Topic: Equity Indicators Update 00:03:31

The purpose of this item is to update Council on the Equity Indicators project and receive feedback on which indicators the City should track.

Topic: Possible Charter Amendments 01:14:46

The purpose of this item is to discuss Charter amendments Council may be interested in submitting to the voters at the April 6, 2021 election.

Topic: Single Use Plastics Ballot Item Discussion 02:55:09

The purpose of this work session is to continue Council discussion on initiating a single-use plastic ballot measure.

Topic: Housing Strategic Plan Update 04:11:23

The purpose of this item is to: 1. Briefly summarize progress on the Housing Strategic Plan since the August 2020 Work Session; 2. Share community feedback to date on the greatest challenges and possible solutions to improve housing affordability; 3. Introduce the initial list of potential strategies to be considered in the Housing Strategic Plan; 4. Provide an overview of the draft evaluation criteria for assessing these strategies; 5. Update Council on the direction provided by the Ad Hoc Housing Council Committee; and 6. Share next steps.

Announcements 05:06:43

Reminder of the upcoming virtual Legislative Breakfast.

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