Fort Collins City Council Meeting 2/15/22

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Topics: Great Outdoors Colorado Visioning Grant, Disposable Bag Ordinance, Supporting Temporary Fort Collins Housing Permits for Victims of the Marshall Fire, 2021 International Building Codes, and Approve the Finalists for City Manager.


Call to Order 00:00:07

Roll Call 00:00:36

Agenda Review 00:04:10

Public Comment 00:06:28

Public Comment Follow-Up 00:41:02

Community Report: Congressman Joe Neguse - Updates from the Capitol 00:43:19

Public Comment Follow-Up, cont 00:57:02

Consent Calendar 01:02:25

Consent Calendar Follow-Up 01:03:40

Councilmember Reports 01:06:36

Item #6: Designating The Maxwell Rock House As A Fort Collins Landmark 01:14:10

Item #21: Great Outdoors Colorado Visioning Grant 01:17:55

The purpose of this item is to request approval to pursue a visioning grant through Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) for improvements to a section of the Poudre River corridor located approximately between Lee Martinez Park and Linden Street as provided by the 2014 Poudre River Downtown Master Plan. The visioning grant provides opportunity for additional community outreach and master planning, with a focus on underserved neighborhoods and businesses near the downtown river corridor. As part of the grant program, awarded communities may receive sizable grant awards for implementation (up to $10 million per project) in a future phase.

Item #22: Regulating Disposable Bags and Mitigating Other Sources of Single Use Plastic Pollution 01:29:03

The purpose of this item is to consider adoption of amendments to Ordinance No. 026, 2021, which bans distribution of plastic bags and imposes a disposable bag fee on paper bags provided by large grocers, to (the “Disposable Bag Ordinance”). These amendments are intended to clarify and align certain provisions of the Disposable Bag Ordinance with the Plastic Pollution Reduction Act (C.R.S. Section 25-17-501 et seq.) subsequently adopted by the Colorado Legislature.

Item #23: Temporary Fort Collins Housing Permits for Victims of the Marshall/Boulder County Fire 01:38:01

The purpose of this item is to consider adoption of an ordinance authorizing staff to implement a permit process to request relief from the Occupancy Ordinance Land Use Code (“LUC”) Section 3.8.16 for the purpose of hosting residents impacted by the Marshall/Boulder County Fire.

Item #24: 2021 International Building Codes, the Colorado Plumbing Code, and Local Amendments 01:52:01

Item #26: Approve the Finalists for City Manager 03:17:42

Other Business 03:20:55

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