Historic Preservation Commission Meeting 4/20/22

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Report on Staff Activities since Last Meeting. Communicating the Queer Past - CSU Student Presentation. 113 N. Sherwood St - Design Review: Substitute Roofing Material.


Agenda Review 00:01:00

Item #2 - Report on Staff activities since last meeting 00:06:15

Staff is tasked with an array of different responsibilities including code-required project review decisions on historic properties, support to other standing and special work groups across the City organization, and education & outreach programming. This report will provide highlights for the benefit of Commission members and the public, and for transparency regarding decisions made without the input of the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).

Item #3 - Communicating the Queer Past - CSU Student Presentation 00:14:08

Staff has collaborated with Dr. Thomas Dunn, Monfort Professor at Colorado State University and Associate Professor of Communication Studies, with his SPCM 380.A5 class, Communicating the Queer Past. The students have been completing research and developing a timeline for Queer history in Fort Collins. The students will provide a summary of their project and findings and be available to answer questions from the HPC.

Item #4 - 113 N. Sherwood St - Design Review: Substitute Roofing Material 00:33:23

This is a request for a Certificate of Appropriateness for changing a roof on a designated property from wood shingle to a synthetic roofing product that simulates the appearance of wood shingles. Associated fascia and gutter work is expected. The alterations are proposed for the Boughton (Bouton) House, 113 North Sherwood Street

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