Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting 4/21/22

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Topics: Enclave at Redwood and NEWT 3 Pipeline SPAR


Call to Order 00:00:12

Roll Call 00:00:53

Agenda Review 00:01:45

Consent Agenda 00:03:16

Continuation of Draft Minutes from February Meeting 00:04:47

Item #3: Enclave at Redwood 00:05:58

This is a proposed Project Development Plan (PDP), #PDP210004 that includes a replat of the site into one parcel and development of 242 dwelling units with a mix of four, six, and eight-plex multi-family unit buildings. A 1-acre park and clubhouse are in the center of the site, and regional trail connection will be located along the Lake Canal. Primary access to this site will be taken from the west from Redwood Street and from internal local streets from existing subdivisions from the west and east. The PDP includes two requests for Modification of Standards for the building orientation and connecting walkway, and size of project for determining number of housing types required.

Item #4: NEWT 3 Pipeline SPAR 04:07:47

This is a request for a Site Plan Advisory Review (SPAR) of a proposed corridor alignment for a water pipeline project to be shared by two water districts. The NEWT 3 name of the project refers to North Weld County and East Larimer County Water Districts Transmission Pipeline Project, phase 3.

Other Business 04:49:11

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