Historic Preservation Commission Meeting 5/18/22

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Congreso Debrief and 1306 W. Mountain Avenue Concept Design Review.


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Item #3: Congreso Debrief (Latinos in Heritage Conservation, National Meeting, Denver 2022) 00:07:31

This will be a short debrief about the 2022 Congreso, the national meeting of the Latinos in Heritage Conservation non-profit that held its 2022 annual meeting in Denver on April 28-30. City staff attended along with Jerry Gavaldon of the Museo de las Tres Colonias. After the debrief, there will be an open discussion among Historic Preservation Commission members and any attending community partners or members of the public about how the content and lessons of Congreso can be leveraged by the Historic Preservation program to better serve Fort Collins’ Hispanic residents and ensure their heritage and historic places are recognized, preserved, and shared with the broader community.

Item #2: Staff Activity Report 00:37:58

Staff is tasked with an array of different responsibilities including code-required project review decisions on historic properties, support to other standing and special work groups across the City organization, and education & outreach programming. This report will provide highlights for the benefit of Commission members and the public, and for transparency regarding decisions made without the input of the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).

Item #4: 1306 W. Mountain Ave – Conceptual Review 00:39:50

This item is a conceptual design review of the applicants’ project, to assess how well it meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, and to provide feedback to the owner/applicant so they can apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness at a future date. The applicant is proposing an addition onto the rear elevation of the main building, with other modifications to the building to allow for adaptive reuse. A previous version of the application of the project included demolition of a non-historic accessory structure, and construction of a new garage building – that work is still proposed but based on approval from the HPC on February 17, 2022, is not included in this conceptual review.

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