Historic Preservation Commission Meeting 7/20/22

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Report on Staff Activities Since the Last Meeting, Balfour Senior Living, 1306 W Mountain Addition - Final Design Review, 1802 N College - Appeal of Determination of Availability.


Call to Order 00:00:00

Item #3: Report on Staff Activities 00:11:06

Staff is tasked with an array of different responsibilities including code-required project review decisions on historic properties, support to other standing and special work groups across the City organization, and education & outreach programming. This report will provide highlights for the benefit of Commission members and the public, and for transparency regarding decisions made without the input of the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).

Item #4: Balfour Senior Living 00:17:00

Redevelopment of a five-acre site at the southeast corner of Harmony and Cinquefoil Lane for a senior living community. Project includes adaptative reuse of four historic farmstead structures and construction of a 204,795 square-foot new building. Development site is in the Harmony Corridor; the decision maker for this Type 2 Review will be the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Item #5: 1306 W Mountain Addition - Final Design Review 01:17:02

This item is a final design review of the applicants’ project, to assess how well it meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, and to issue, with or without conditions, or to deny, a Certificate of Appropriateness. The applicant is proposing an addition onto the rear elevation of the main building along with related rehabilitation. A previous version of the application of the project included demolition of a non-historic accessory structure, and construction of a new garage building – that work is still proposed but based on approval from the HPC on February 17, 2022, is not included in this application for approval.

Item #6: 1802 N College Ave - Appeal of Determination of Eligibility 02:26:53

This item is to consider the appeal of the determination of eligibility for Fort Collins landmark designation of the commercial property at 1802 North College Avenue. On April 22, 2022, in fulfillment of a pre-submittal requirement for a development review application, staff determined that the property was landmark eligible based on evidence and conclusions presented by an independent historic survey contractor in intensive-level survey site forms. When undergoing development review, landmark-eligible properties are subject to the historic resource requirements in Fort Collins Land Use Code Section 3.4.7. Staff decisions may be appealed to the Historic Preservation Commission.

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