Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting 7/21/22

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Topics: Consent Agenda, Fort Collins Nissan-Kia, and Worthington Storage ODP & PDP.


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Agenda Review 00:02:07

Item #4: Fort Collins Nissan-Kia 00:15:07

This is a proposed Project Development Plan (PDP), #PDP210017, to remove and replace the existing Fort Collins Nissan car dealership with two new car dealerships (Nissan and Kia). The plan comprises property in two zoning districts, one of which does not permit the auto sales use (the Medium Density Mixed Use Neighborhood [MMN] zone). Thus, the plan includes a request for Addition of Permitted Uses (APU) under the Land Use Code.

Item #5: Worthington Storage ODP & PDP 00:15:19

This is a request for an Overall Development Plan (ODP220001) to enable the development of Lot 1 and the future development applications for Lot 2, and combined Project Development Plan (PDP220003) to establish and develop an enclosed mini-storage use (parcel # 9723319001). The proposed main storage building is 85,200 sf, and 3-stories in height. Additionally, there would be 3 drive- up storage buildings that are 1-story in height. The proposed site plan shows 7 vehicle parking spaces. Access to the site would be from Worthington Circle to the northeast. The site is within the Employment (E) zone district and the proposal is subject to Planning & Zoning Commission (Type 2) Review.

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