Larimer County Administrative Matters Meeting 7/26/22

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Topics: Extending Fire Restrictions, Naming & Branding concept of the Behavioral Health Campus, Celebrate the Updated Name of 200 W Oak, Larimer County Administrative Services, Review of Auditor’s results & acceptance of 2021 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, Board of Equalization, County Manager Update and Commissioner Activity Reports.


Opening Remarks 00:00:07

Approval of Minutes for the Week of July 18, 2022 00:02:14

Upcoming Schedule for the Week of August 1, 2022 00:02:39

Consent Agenda 00:09:03

Extending Fire Restrictions for Unincorporated Larimer County 00:14:20

Naming & Branding Concept of the Behavioral Health Campus 00:26:12

Celebrate the Updated Name of the County Building at 200 W. Oak Street to Larimer County Administrative Services 00:40:55

Review of Auditor’s Results & Acceptance of 2021 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report 00:58:49

Board of Equalization 01:19:07

County Manager Update 01:24:22

Commissioner Activity Reports 01:25:16

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