Fort Collins City Council Meeting 10/4/22

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Topics: Adopting Findings Supporting the Historic Preservation Commission’s Determination That 1802 North College Avenue was Eligible for Landmark Designation, Designation of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Public Hearing #2 on the 2023-24 Recommended Budget, and 1306 West Mountain Avenue Landmark Design Review Appeal.


Agenda Review 00:03:34

Public Comments 00:04:21

Public Comment Follow-Up 00:53:26

Consent Callender Items 00:57:31

Councilmember Reports 00:58:05

Items Planned For Discussion 01:06:52

Item #12- Adopting Findings Supporting HPS Landmark Designation, 1802 N College Ave 01:06:55

Item #13- Designation of Indigenous Peoples' Day 01:09:28

Item #14 Public Hearing #2 on the 2023 Recommended Budget 01:43:23

Item #15-1306 W Mountain AVE Landmark Design Review Appeal 01:47:57

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