Larimer County BOCC Work Session 10/5/22, 1:30 PM

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LARIMER COUNTY | BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEETING: October 5, 2022. Discussion Item: Housing Work Session: Staff Strategy Recommendations to Preserve, Create & Support Affordable Housing in Larimer County


Introduction 00:01:12

Recommendations 00:03:36

Purpose of Work Session 00:04:55

Strategic Goal: Proposed Language 00:05:19

Strategy Recommendation Categories 00:06:03

Suggestion to Create Resource Hub 00:11:50

Updating the Intergovernmental Agreement 00:19:00

CO SafePark Initiative 00:33:38

Preserving Affordable Housing 00:46:14

Landlord Engagement Pilot 00:56:24

Continued Funding For Preservation Services 01:01:50

Grant Strategies to Waive Permit Fees for Mobile-Home Owners 01:08:31

Preservation and Creation- Land Use Code 01:11:11

Home Consortia 01:17:28

Employee Down Payment Assistance Program 01:20:47

Establishing Larimer County Landbank 01:36:46

Immediate Investments 01:44:05

Housing Trust Fund 01:50:48

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