Larimer County BOCC Work Session 10/12/22, 1:30 PM

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Larimer County Work Session for a discussion regarding the American Rescue Plan Act. October 12, 2022 -Review funding opportunities under the American Rescue Plan Act


American Rescue Plan Act Discussion 00:08:20

Local Assistance and Tribal Consistency Funds 00:10:33

Commissioners Review 00:16:06

Immediate Needs Grant Update 00:23:52

Public Outreach Efferts 00:24:24

Commissioners comments 00:28:38

Project leads Suggestions 00:34:52

Monthly Financial Update 00:36:42

Pudure Commons Development 00:38:39

Summary of Project Leads 00:51:55

State of the Fiscal Recovery Fund 00:53:47

Final Questions 00:58:56

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