Fort Collins City Council Meeting 11/1/22

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Fort Collins City Council Meeting 11/1/22 Proclamations for November including Native American Heritage Month and Declaring the year 22-23 as Natural Areas 30th Anniversary. Discussion items include; Item #15: Utility Rates, Fees, and Charges. Item #20: Amending City Code related to utilities under the IQAP. Item #21: Adoption of the Land Development Code. Also: General Improvement District No. 1 Board Meeting and Skyview South GID No.15 Board Meeting


Proclamation Declaring November as National Heritage Month 00:00:03

Proclamation Declaring Nov. 2022-2023 as Natural Areas 30th Anniversary 00:09:18

Meeting Called to Order 00:15:11

Public Comment 00:24:35

Public Comment Followup and Consent Agenda 01:49:55

Councilmember reports 01:57:20

Item #18: Adopting the Budget for 2023-2024- Mill Levy Tax 02:05:18

Item #19: 2023 Utility Rates, Fees, and Charges 02:38:37

Item #20: Utility Rates, Fees and Charges under IQAP 02:53:00

Item#21: Adoption of the Land Development Code 03:10:38

Board Meetings: 05:16:31

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