Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting 11/17/22

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Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting 11/17/22. TOPICS: Powerhouse 2. The Savoy. Oil and Gas Land Development Code Regulations.


Call to Order 00:00:30

Agenda Review 00:02:18

Public Participation 00:03:32

Consent Agenda 00:04:00

Powerhouse 2 00:07:00

This Project Development Plan (PDP) proposes to develop a research and office building to promote climate and energy sustainability related to the existing Powerhouse development in the historic power plant building on North College Avenue.

The Savoy 01:12:15

This is a request for a Project Development Plan to construct a 243-unit multi- family development. The proposal includes nine buildings, and a centrally located clubhouse with fitness center, pool amenity area. Primary vehicular access will be taken from Le Fever Drive to the north and Brookfield Drive to the east. This parcel (#8604127001) is in the Harmony Corridor (HC) zone district and is subject to a Type 2, Planning & Zoning Commission review.

Oil & Gas Land Development Code Regulations 03:12:01

This is a request for a recommendation to City Council regarding proposed Land Development Code amendments to regulate the zoning, siting, and design of new oil and gas facilities. The code amendments address regulatory gaps and opportunities that were created with the adoption of Colorado Senate Bill 19- 181.

Other Business 03:52:07

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