Fort Collins City Council Meeting 12/20/22

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Fort Collins City Council: Regular Meeting: 12/20/22 6:00 PM


December 20th Proclamations: Guardian of Light 00:00:04

Agenda Review 00:08:45

Public Comment 00:10:17

Public Comment: Follow-up 01:17:03

Consent Calendar 01:29:56

New Chapter 01:32:44

Staff Reports 01:33:03

Councilmember Reports 01:33:30

Item 16: Amending Code to Allow Remote Technology 01:39:56

During Quasi-Judicial Hearings

Item 17:Lade Use Code- Regulations of Oil and Gas Facilities/Pipelines 01:41:23

Item 18:Prohibit Discrimination on the Bases Of Sexual Orientation, identity, Expression 02:25:08

Item 19:Ethics Complaints Process 02:34:00

Item 20:Appeal-Finding 825 N College Landmark Designation 02:44:51

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