Larimer County BOCC Work Session 7/31/23, 10 AM

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Larimer County BOCC Work Session 7/31/23 10:00 AM Human and Economic Health Performance Measures Review performance measures and other indicators for the Human and Economic Health service category departments, which include Human Services, Health and Environment, Extension, Economic and Workforce Development, and Behavioral Health. Matthew Behunin, Budget Office


Introductions 00:00:12

Behavioral Health - Presentation Begins 00:02:44

Behavioral Health - Questions 00:11:47

Economic and Workforce Development - Presentation Begins 00:15:36

Economic and Workforce Development - Questions 00:22:20

CSU Extension Office - Presentation Begins 00:25:20

CSU Extension Office - Questions 00:29:13

Public Health - Presentation Begins 00:32:35

Public Health - Questions 00:41:49

Human Services - Presentation Begins 00:49:25

Human Services - Questions 00:57:35

Adjournment 01:00:01

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