Fort Collins City Council Meeting 11/21/23

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Topics: Proclamations, Adopting the East Mulberry Plan, Expressing Gratitude and Appreciation to Deputy City Attorney John Duval, Appointing Two Councilmembers to a Joint Committee with Loveland Regarding Airport Governance, General Improvement District No. 1 Board Meeting and Skyview South General Improvement District No. 15 Board Meeting.


Agenda Review 00:23:56

Public Comment 00:28:33

Consent Calendar 00:48:08

Coucilmember Reports 00:53:15

Consent Calendar Follow-up: Pulled items 00:57:44

Item 28: Adopting East Mulberry Plan Update 01:13:40

As of the 2002 East Mulberry Corridor Plan

Item 29: Expressing Gratitude & Appreciation to Deputy City Attorney John Duval 02:01:25

Resolution; Appointing two Councilmembers to joint commitee regarding Airport Governance for No. Co. Regional Airport 02:14:40

Resolution; Appointing two Councilmembers to a joint Committee with the City of Loveland Regarding Airport Governance for Northern Colorado Regional Airport.

Other Business GID Board meetings 02:21:00

General Improvement District Board Meetings

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