Larimer County Administrative Matters Meeting 1/30/24

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1/30/2024 Administrative Matters Meeting Discussion Items:1. Proclamation Commemorating Black History Month February 2024. 2. For the Behavioral Health Services Department and SummitStone Health Partners to provide an update on the Acute Care Facility at Longview. The facility has been open since December 2, 2023 and SummitStone staff will provide a summary of activities, services, and outcomes to date for this new facility. 3. A project agreement with Homeward Alliance for Larimer County to facilitate the Request for Proposal (RFP) process in order find a qualified consultant for creating a regional Strategic Plan to Address Homelessness on behalf of the Larimer County community.


Schedule Review 00:06:05

Consent Agenda 00:12:00

Proclamation Commemorating Black History Month February 2024 00:20:25

Update On The Acute Care Facility At Longview 00:31:33

Homeward Alliance Presents Regional Strategic Plan To Address Homelessness 01:22:04

County Manager Update 01:32:50

Commissioner Activity Reports 01:35:37

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