Fort Collins City Council Work Session 7/27/21

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Topics: Homelessness Advisory Committee Report on Shelter Options, Discuss Approaches to Regulating Areas and Activities of State Interest Pursuant to Powers Established in State Law Commonly Referred to as 1041 Powers, Civic Center Master Plan and Recruitment and Selection of City Manager.


Call to Order 00:00:08

Roll Call 00:01:41

Agenda Review 00:02:21

Item #1: Homelessness Advisory Committee Report 00:03:20

The purpose of this item is to share findings and recommendations from a report completed by the City Manager’s temporary Homelessness Advisory Committee including an assessment of future shelter needs (space and amenities), explored locations, ideas for mitigating impacts and leveraging opportunities, suggested engagement strategies, and funding considerations.

Item #2: Project Scope for 1041 Regulations 01:14:21

The purpose of this item is to receive direction from Council on the project scope for developing 1041 Regulations, and to request an off-cycle appropriation to support project completion.

Item #3: Civic Center Master Plan 02:00:42

The purpose of this item is to discuss the Civic Center Master Planning process. Staff and consultants, Clark & Enersen, presented an overview of the process including engagement to date, a draft site concept, and next steps.

Item #4: Recruitment and Selection of City Manager 03:01:29

Announcements 03:28:15

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