Fort Collins City Council Meeting 10/20/20

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City Council discussed amending the City Code regarding animal disturbance of peace and quiet; authorizing remote hearings for certain appeals before the Building Review Board; and making findings of fact and conclusions of law regarding the 613 South Meldrum appeal.


Proclamations 00:00:06

A. Proclamation Declaring October 29, 2020 as Aerospace Alley Day. B. Proclamation Declaring October 21, 2020 as a Day to Imagine a Day Without Water. C. Proclamation Declaring October as Conflict Resolution Month. D. Proclamation Declaring October as National Arts and Humanities Month.

Call Meeting to Order 00:16:37

Pledge of Allegiance 00:16:50

Roll Call 00:17:12

All Council are present.

COVID Preface 00:17:48

Agenda Review 00:18:47

Changes to the published agenda include the addition of two Community Reports on COVID-19 and an update on election security. Addition of a staff report on the Cameron Peak Fire. Addition of a motion under Other Business to adjourn the meeting to October 27, 2020.

Community Report: COVID-19 Update 00:20:24

Update on COVID-19 by Larimer County Public Health Director Tom Gonzales.

Community Report: Election Security 01:09:31

Update on election security from Larimer County Clerk & Recorder Angela Myers.

Public Engagement Options 01:24:30

Consent Calendar Review 01:27:06

No items pulled from Conent Agenda.

Public Comment 01:28:34

Public Comment Follow-Up 01:46:39

Consent Calendar & Follow-Up 01:56:18

Staff Reports: Cameron Peak Fire 02:02:36

Update on the Cameron Peak fire presented by Fire Chief Tom DeMint and Jim Byrne, Director of Emergency Preparedness & Security for the City of Fort Collins.

Councilmember Reports 02:28:01

Item #11: Code Changes: Animal Disturbances 02:34:01

Second Reading of Ordinance No. 119, Amending Section 4-94 of the Code of the City of Fort Collins Regarding Animal Disturbance of Peace and Quiet.This Ordinance, adopted on First Reading on October 6, 2020 by a split vote of 5-2 (Nays: Pignataro and Summers), clarifies existing City Code language guiding enforcement, prosecution, and Municipal Court regarding violations and penalties for animal disturbance and dangerous animals in the City.

Item #12: Remote Hearings - Building Review Board 03:15:22

Resolution 2020-097 Authorizing Remote Quasi-Judicial Hearings for Certain Appeals Pursuant to City Code Section 2-119(4), to the Building Review Board Pursuant to Ordinance No. 079, 2020.The purpose of this item is to consider an exception to Ordinance No. 079, 2020 to allow one of the following items to proceed using remote technology: 1. All “appeals” to the Building Review Board (BRB) arising from City Code Section 2-119(4); or in the alternative, if Council prefers to address pending requests for such “appeals” on a case-by-case basis. 2. Appeal of a decision of the Building Official to deny a request to waive the exam requirements for a license to Matt Tschetter of Luxury Homes of N. CO by motion (the “Pending Appeal Request”). Ordinance No. 079, 2020 adopted by Council on June 16, 2020, authorizes Council, Planning & Zoning Board (P&Z), the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) and the Building Review Board (BRB) tohear quasi-judicial items but specifically excludes appeals from that authorization. The Ordinance does, however, allow Council, by motion adopted by at least five Councilmembers, to authorize exceptions to that exclusion. To authorize remote hearings for the listed items, Council must find that such hearings are pressing and require prompt action and that virtual technology will provide for sufficient public participation and input.

Item #13: 613 S Meldrum Appeal - Findings of Fact 03:28:11

Resolution 2020-098 Making Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law Regarding the Appeal of the Hearing Officer Decision Denying the Modification of Standards Request for 613 South Meldrum Street, MOD 200001.The appeal was heard by Council on October 6, 2020.

Other Business 03:31:20

Motion to adjourn into Executive Session to discuss Broadband issues.

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