Fort Collins City Council Work Session 3/9/21

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Topics: Residential Time-of-Day Review and Potential Next Steps, East Mulberry Planning & E-Scooter Share Program Review and Future E-Scooter/Bike Share Program Proposal.


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Agenda Review 00:02:03

Item #1: Residential Time-of-Day Review 00:03:01

The purpose of this item is to review the residential Time-of-Use rate structures and to discuss what Council may want to either change or study further. In October 2018, all residential electric customers were transitioned to a Time-of-Day (TOD) rate structure after an extensive pilot study. The pilot study indicated that residential customers were expected to reduce their energy consumption as well as their contribution to the coincident peak and in doing so realize some reduction in their electric bill relative to the previous three-tiered rate structure.

Item #2: East Mulberry Planning 01:24:02

The purpose of this item is to provide Council with an overview of the process to update the community’s vision for the future of the East Mulberry area. Staff will share a public engagement plan and the steps to update the area’s long-range plan in 2021. Project outcomes also include a fiscal impact analysis that will inform the Plan’s recommendations and provide options for a potential, multiphased annexation for those portions of the area presently in the County’s jurisdiction.

Item #3: E-Scooter Share Program Review & more 02:10:37

The purpose of this work session item is to inform City Council on the electric scooter (e-scooter) share pilot program and upcoming changes to both e-scooter share and bike share programs moving forward. Due to impacts from COVID-19 related shutdowns, the City and CSU extended the e-scooter share pilot program through March 31, 2021 for the purpose of gathering additional data and to allow the system to mature. The City in partnership with CSU selected Spin as its vendor in February 2021 to manage a combined e-bike share/e-scooter share program

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