Fort Collins City Council Meeting 10/6/20

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City Council discussed items relating to the control of animals, conducted the second public hearing of the 2021 Recommended City Budget, and heard an appeal of the Hearing Officer's decision regarding 613 South Meldrum.


Proclamations 00:00:07

A. Proclamation Declaring the Week of October 4-10 as Public Power Week. B. Proclamation Declaring October 7 as Energy Efficiency Day. C. Proclamation Declaring the Month of October as National Cybersecurity Month. D. Proclamation Declaring October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Call Meeting to Order 00:05:13

Pledge of Allegiance 00:05:27

Roll Call 00:05:51

All Council are present.

COVID Preface 00:06:16

Agenda Review 00:06:39

Spanish Translation Instructions 00:06:47

Public Participation Options 00:08:31

Agenda Review 00:09:01

Motion to consider adjourning into Executive Session was added to the end of the meeting. Changing the order of the Other Business items was recommended.

Public Participation Options 00:10:40

Setting the Tone 00:12:50

Consent Calendar Review 00:13:41

Item #7 on animal control issues was pulled by Councilmember Summers. There were no other changes to the agenda.

Public Comment 00:16:58

Public Comment Follow-Up 00:37:12

Consent Calendar & Follow-Up 01:07:34

Staff Reports: Community Dashboard Metric 01:10:16

Community Dashboard Metric: Cumulative Lane Miles of Roadway Pavement Improved. Presented by Larry Schneider, Director of Transportation Operations.

Councilmember Reports 01:17:19

Item #7: Animal Control Items 01:32:21

A. First Reading of Ordinance No. 119, 2020, Amending Section 4-94 of the Code of the City of Fort Collins Regarding Animal Disturbance of Peace and Quiet. B. First Reading of Ordinance No. 120, 2020, Amending Various Sections of Chapter 4 of the Code of the City of Fort Collins Regarding Dangerous and Vicious Animals. The purpose of this item is to clarify existing City Code language to guide enforcement, prosecution and the Municipal Court regarding violations and penalties for animal disturbance and dangerous animals in the City.

Item #17: 2021 Budget - Public Hearing 02:10:00

This is the second public hearing on the City Manager’s 2021 Recommended Budget for the City of Fort Collins. The purpose of this public hearing is to gather public input on the 2021 budget. The first public hearing was conducted at Council’s Tuesday, September 15, 2020, regular meeting. Both hearings were set by Council adoption of Resolution 2020-081 at its September 1, 2020, meeting. The City Manager’s 2021 Recommended Budget can be reviewed at the City Clerk’s Office by appointment only and online at On May 19, 2020, Council adopted Ordinance No. 067, 2020, suspending the biennial budget term requirement in Code Section 8-1 for fiscal years 2021 and 2022 in order to allow for a one-year budget term for both years, and to return to the biennial budget term required by Code Section 8-1 beginning with fiscal years 2023 and 2024. Both hearings provided the public the option for in-person comment or remote participation through the online Zoom platform.

Item #18: 613 S Meldrum Appeal 04:17:46

The purpose of this item is to consider an Appeal of the Hearing Officer Decision, dated July 15, 2020, denying the request for five Modifications of Standards for a "carriage house" (i.e., a single-family detached dwelling) located behind a street-facing dwelling-in the Neighborhood Conservation (NCB) zoning district. On July 28, 2020, a Notice of Appeal was filed alleging that the administrative hearingofficer failed to properly interpret and apply relevant provisions of the Land Use Code in rendering a final decision.

Motion to Continue Meeting 06:36:36

Other Business 06:37:46

Motion to move the November 3, 2020 Regular Council Meeting to Wednesday, November 4, 2020. Motion to adjourn into Executive Session.

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