Fort Collins City Council Adj Mtg & Work Session 8/11/20

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Council discussed the process for interviewing candidates for the Planning & Zoning Board vacancy; the City Manager's 2020 Recommended Budget; reimagining community engagement; and reimagine Boards & Commissions.


Call Meeting to Order 00:00:15

Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:24

Roll Call 00:00:48

All Council are present and participating remotely.

COVID Preface 00:01:18

Public Engagement Options 00:01:39

Agenda Review 00:03:26

No changes to the published adjourned meeting agenda.

Item #1: Interview Process for P&Z Boardmembers 00:03:56

Planning and Zoning Board Interview Process. The purpose of this item is to discuss the process to conduct interviews for the Planning and Zoning Board

Call Meeting to Order 00:17:32

Meeting Format 00:17:41

Roll Call 00:18:33

All Council are present and participating remotely.

Agenda Review 00:18:57

No changes to the work session agenda.

Topic: 2021 Recommended City Budget 00:19:30

Status of the City Manager’s 2021 Recommended Budget and a high-level Performance Measures and Results Review. The purpose of this item is to review the economic, revenue and expense assumptions included in the 2021 City Manager's Recommended Budget, which will be delivered to Council and available to the public on September 1, 2020. This work session will also provide an overview of the major 2021 budget themes, public feedback opportunities and the schedule of Council budget meetings and Public Hearings during September through November.

Topic: Reimagining Community Engagement 02:02:23

The purpose of this item is to review the evolution of the City’s public engagement strategy, highlight improvements, share areas of focus and tactics, and discuss future opportunities. In 2019, Council identified “Reimagining Community Engagement” as a Council priority. Since 2012, the City has developed a strategic framework for community involvement across the organization. Staff will review the current approach to public engagement and the 2020 Workplan

Topic: Reimagine Boards & Commissions 02:53:38

The purpose of this item is to provide an update on progress made towards the Council priority to Reimagine Boards and Commissions, based on previous direction, and seek direction on further implementation. Staff will also share opportunities for recalibration and lessons learned from COVID- 19 adaptations.

Announcements 03:59:20

Request for information on the recent violence that broke out during a protest.

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